Beatles with the Maharishi

Beatles with the Maharishi
Beatles with the Maharishi

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sour Milk Sea

Has any of you ever heard of the song "Sour Milk Seas"?
George Harrison wrote it in 1968. He had signed Jackie Lomax on to Apple Records at the time and I think he wrote the song "Sour Milk Sea" for him. George recorded it from the Esher demo tapes recorded at George's house in the Spring of 1968 and it is included along with many of the tracks that were later re-recorded and finalized at EMI for the Beatles White Album. It is not one of George's best recorded pieces and I have never heard Jackie Lomax's version of the song. George's voice sounds thin on the high notes. Not one of his best for his vocal range. "Not Guilty" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" were better for George's vocal range.
The Beatles recorded a version of the song, or should I say, George Harrison recorded a version of the song at his house with the Beatles backing him up on the recording. It was used as a demo recording for Jackie Lomax and was never officially released on a Beatles album. Come to think of it, it never made it on the Anthology CDs either.
The Beatles Unsurpassed Demos .Yellow Dog Records.
The Beatles Unplugged. Alternative Edge Productions.
Jackie Lomax
George Harrison's demo recoring with the Beatles at his home in Esher

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